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Apporto for Education

Transform your campus with Apporto and improve student
while reducing IT complexities and costs.

Apporto is next generation leading Education cloud desktop provider in North America with over 200 new higher education customers - and their solution is now available in the Nordic countries through us.

The first ten universities in Europa are already customers and more are coming after Apporto arrived in Europe during 2023.

3 reasons Apporto is the #1 choice in education:

1. One-click launch – the latest Windows, Linux and GPU desktops, delivered to any HTML5 browser. No clients or VPN needed.
2. Education features – VLE integration, collaborative virtual classrooms, tutor analytics, and student configurable Cyber Security / Virtual Labs.
3. No variable costs – we offer a managed service with a low fixed cost per year, or academic term.


With Apporto, you can provide students with Virtual Computer Labs,

ready in 1-2 weeks, with none of ongoing management pains. Apporto even update the desktop apps for you!

Virtual Computer Labs
Enhance student access to essential resources across all devices, anytime and anywhere, while significantly cutting total costs by 50-70% and allowing your IT team to prioritize key initiatives.


Cybersecurity Labs
Transform your cybersecurity training with pre-built courses, effortless customization, and 24/7 remote
access for unparalleled learning flexibility.

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