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Nexthink is the leader in digital employee experience management software.

The company gives IT leaders unprecedented insight into employees’ daily experiences of technology at the device level – freeing IT to progress from reactive problem solving to proactive optimization.

Nexthink Experience is a cloud-native platform allowing IT teams to measure, manage and improve the Digital Employee Experience (DEX) by providing actionable insights across all devices, applications, users, operating systems, locations and organizational units.

Nexthink becomes the central experience hub by offering the real-time analytics, employee engagement and automated remediations IT needs to progress from reactive problem solving to continuous, proactive improvement.

Nexthink leads Digital Employee Experience Management with:
·   Real-time, event-level visibility and analytics
·   Quantified digital experience scores
·   AI-driven insights and automated remediation guidance
·   Targeted employee engagement, feedback and self-help
   Library of pre-built content and platform extensions

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